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Upcoming Workshops TBD

For some examples of previous bushcraft workshops, check out the info below! 

Bushcraft Workshops

Join Paul, Erin, and Cassie for half or full day workshops this summer! Whether you are looking for a novel experience, to strengthen a skill, or delve into deeper topics that will enhance your outdoor practice, we've got something for you!

Transformative Learning for

Outdoor Practice

We will explore a range of play types that become available within the outdoors, as well as the deeper ways in which play contributes to the growth and development of children. Through exploring how playscapes are introduced and maintained we will come to understand the role of play practitioners and how the relationships and role modeling that they provide are important foundations. In developing play spaces we will also have the opportunity to develop a rich sense of place, creating a strong relationship not only amongst the children but also with the natural world. Geared towards outdoor practitioners & parents/caregivers Cost: $50

Front Range Wild Crafts

Ethnobotany, the study of how people use the resources of their landscape, delves into a fascinating world where the trees and plants we see every day take on a new dimension. Knowing the properties of the flora around us begins a journey into discovering how we can make string, medicines, glues, baskets and a variety of other things out of them. They can tell us about the weather, provide water, material for fire, and a host of fascinating materials that we can turn towards something useful. In this class, we'll be focusing on the trees and plants of our mixed coniferous forest in the Front Range foothills. You'll have the opportunity to make twine with yucca and create pine needle baskets. We'll also explore some medicinal and edible plants we share space with. This knowledge shapes how we see nature and how we relate to it. In having an in-depth understanding of the places and seasons where we can find resources, we are stepping into nature with knowledge and awareness. Geared towards adults & children 10+ Cost: $50

Place Responsive Practice

Now more than ever there is a desire to not only live sustainably but to connect to the world differently, more meaningfully. The challenges that face the next few generations will require approaches that come from a place of deep connection with one another and the land. This day is a journey into how we relate to nature, what nature is, and how we can deeply resonate with the land as well as the lived experiences of other beings. This important learning leaves us changed in how we embody the world and our role within it. If you are working with groups and/or organizations where there is a need or opportunity to develop a richer understanding of the human experience in relation to nature, this day will provide you with a landscape view of the different journeys you may take as well as prepare you for the reflective conversations to be had along the way. Geared towards outdoor practitioners Cost: $100

Shelter Building, Woodland Furniture, & Rope Skills

Creating a camp within the natural landscape quickly turns a new space towards feeling like home. Being able to create a waterproof shelter and woodland furniture using a variety of knots and lashings transforms your ability to live in the wild. During this half day session you will learn quick and efficient ways of creating a variety of shelters, as well as a few key designs for benches and pot hangers for campfire cooking. Geared towards adults & children 10+ Cost: $50

Sloyd Carving

In the simplest terms, “sloyd” comes from the Swedish word meaning “handcraft” but the purpose of which was the education of a person's character, rather than simply to accumulate skill. Creating items from natural material connects us to the land and allows us to appreciate nature's materials. By exploring different techniques and styles, you can develop your approach to carving. Beginning with species selection and design, we will explore a number of cutting and shaping techniques towards fashioning your own Swedish butter knife for example. Geared towards adults & children 10+ Cost: $50

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