What Is Forest School?

Forest School is a long term participant-led program that creates lasting, meaningful experiences to self, others and nature by exploring and nurturing participants as well as the space.

We create the above by the following approach:


  • Focus on Well-being: We provide a safe space where participants are able to communicate their needs and feelings.

  • Co-create the Experience: Participants have agency over their play opportunities and experiences.

  • Nurture Development: We provide opportunities for the holistic experience of each participant, observing what is both nourishing and challenging for them. (Holistic development includes the Social, Physical, Intellectual, Communication, Emotional, and Spiritual)

  • Develop Community: We provide participants with time and space to build a community together and foster connections that go beyond the program.

  • Allow for Character and Connection: Participants are able to engage in meaningful connections and experiences that will have a life-long impact.

Time to Play. Time to Connect. Time to Be.